A Dada Halloween

Arts Commons has developed a string of free 18+ art parties, and the most recent coincided with Halloween for an avant garde, Dadaist celebration.


Myself as Kate Middleton en route to #yychappenings complete with blue dress, nude pumps and fascinator

I arrived in time to catch an exploratory performance by Jason Famous. While his tempos were upbeat and his backdrop glittered, he introduced each song as a reflection on a difficult period while his backup singer took selfies with a vintage camera.

Attendees could partake in the the nonsensical vaudevillian tricks of the magnificent magician Jordan James, explore the Day of the Dead room complete with shrine, paper mache objects and themed treats, create a custom party hat or get their face painted in Dadaist designs.


Seities representatives were present promoting their most recent issue THEME:MUSIC, and encouraging artists to submit to their upcoming publication around portraiture. This publication, gallery and education organization utilizes traditional photography technique to produce striking images, such as the rayographs for the cover of the latest issue. There is also an online

There was a steady stream of witches, goblins and steampunk couples, but with Halloween falling on a Monday and many parties taking place the weekend before, it was quieter than I expected.

The next YYCHAPPENINGS, Tactile Intrigue, is on February 27. As a free event in central downtown that offers a chance to discover and interact with local musicians and artists, this event series is not to be missed.

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